Gin / Whisky/ Spirits Tastings £32.50

Our Gin, Whisky and Spirits tastings will be held at our venues in central Chelsmford and Colchester; both of which will be turned into a 'spirit's palace' for 2 hours of pure tasting pleasure. As well as ONLINE
Be guided through the fascinating history of Gin, Whisky or Rum and learn why we love them so much!

A Dutch physician is generally credited with first infusing juniper berries into a spirit base thereby giving gin its first name as Genever, which is Dutch for Juniper, was gradually shortened by the English to 'gin'.

But gin is not just gin as this tasting tutorial will reveal. You will become experts in botanicals, and taste the difference between London Dry and Plymouth gin.

Of all alcoholic drinks, gin has the most dramatic and colourful history and when it comes to using the excuse 'for medicinal purposes only' then that really applies to gin because it was invented by a doctor to treat stomach ailments.

You will be given some nifty tasting tricks and teach you how to make some top-class cocktails at home. During the session, you’ll taste 5 premium gins, as the aim here is for you to sample the entire flavour spectrum gin has to offer.

Scotch whisky or uisge beatha, the water of life, is a wonderful spirit with a charasmatic and absorbing past. The lengths and methods a distiller pursues incorporating the long-maturation periods (10, 12, 15, 18 years old etc) define whisky, especially single malt whisky, as a high and wonderful quality product. Truly one of a kind.

But it's not a simple as that. There is detailed variation throughout regional Scotland, from the fruity and elegant Speyside, to the peaty and smoky Islay and from the delicate Lowlands to the robust and spicy Highlands. Then there's Ireland, America, Japan and Canada too.

The story of Rum is rife with corruption, debauchery and piracy on the high seas – and the variety of flavours to enjoy is just as rich.

Rum is like liquid sunshine, and we put together this set of five 3cl samples of utterly divine rums for you to try out on our special ONLINE tasting

This course is perfect for existing gin, whisky and rum lovers or for those who want to learn more about these versatile spirits, in a relaxed environment. 

Whisky tasting - Special event! - Chelmsford

Whisky tasting - Special event! - Chelmsford :: Thu 1st Jul 2021

Whether you are a whisky enthusiast, a newcomer or just want to learn a bit more about this fascinating tipple, this tasting is for you. A two hour evening course

Places remaining: 14
Date/Time: 1st Jul 2021 at 7pm to 9pm
Venue: The Two Brewers, 80-84 Springfield Rd, Chelmsford CM2 6JY

Price: £40.00
Gin Tasting -  (Chelmsford)

Gin Tasting - (Chelmsford) :: Thu 9th Sep 2021

Gin Tasting - One of the joys of gin is that a seemingly simple spirit can produce such a wide range of flavour profiles. Learn more about this fantastic spirit with

Places remaining: 12
Date/Time: 9th Sep 2021 at 7pm to 9pm
Venue: Two Brewers, 80-84 Springfield Rd, Chelmsford CM2 6JY

Price: £35.00







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